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Byron Bay Wildlife Tours - Web site "becoming a major source of income"

22-Aug-07 15:35

Vitalized Australia has turned the web site into a source of revenue for Byron Bay Wildlife Tours.

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Google culls SPAM web directories

03-Oct-07 12:48

Google has recently penalised many SPAM web directories, but it's not obvious which web directories Google has penalised. Find out how to detect them here.

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Web Design, Search Engine Marketing & Web Hosting

Vitalized Australia offer a comprehensive web site design, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & web hosting service.

We're based in Sydney but because our web site work is all online we have an international client base from Australia to the UK.

Our clients enjoy web sites that generate business and have become an essential part of their companies revenue.

Vitalized Australia understand that designing, building and (successfully) marketing a web site can be a daunting process.

We like to break the process down into smaller projects and involve you in every step, guiding you through the mine field of techno babble with honest & clear advice for the direction of your online presence.

Web site design should always start with good planning.

  1. Search Engine Marketing & online market research to gain insight into your market and focus the project to gain maximum exposure for your company.
  2. Plan the web site navigation and structure based on your web site needs/ideas and our online market research.
  3. Web site design and layout.
  4. Build the web site into a Content Management System (CMS).
  5. Search Engine optimisation of web site code.
  6. Launch the web site on one of our Web Hosting plans or your own web space.
  7. Start an intensive Search Engine marketing campaign from the online market research.

We hand code our web site designs so every web site Vitalized Australia creates is bespoke.  This means we design web sites using minimal code so they are quick to download, Search Engine Optimised and accessible.

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