Google Analytics keyword and sales tracking for eCommerce

There is more to Google Analytics than just the standard web visitor statistics. It's possible to create custom filters to track & report almost any statistical information you require.

With any Search Engine Marketing campaign it's important to track visitor & eCommerce information on a regular basis so you can fine tune the click-through to sales on your web site.

Vitalized Australia have developed some advanced custom Google Analytics filters which can be used on eCommerce and non-eCommerce web sites.

Below are two examples of one of our Google Analytics filters implemented on an eCommerce and a non-eCommerce web site.

eCommerce Google Analytics Filter:

A visitor finds your web site via a Search Engine, either Pay Per Click or Organic search results and then clicks through to purchase a product or service. A filter can be installed that outputs extra data next to the transaction report in Google Analytics. The transaction will now let you know:

It's a very powerful filter for tracking and monitoring eCommerce and Search Engine Marketing.

Non-eCommerce Google Analytics Filter:

If you have a web site that doesn't have an online shop but you do want to track revenue from quote requests and contact emails, our filter can work very effectively.

The revenue is worked out by a simple formula. If one out of 10 quote requests leads to a sale of a service or product worth $1000 then you can divide the $1000 by 10 and that will be the revenue from each quote request.

The filter will be setup in Google Analytics to track:

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