Web Design Case Studies

"Two and a half years ago I had the classic five hundred dollar web site built by so-and-so's mates brother. I admit to being largely computer illiterate, but didn't underestimate its advertising abilities.

The problem was, in two and a half years I hadn't received a single booking or an inquiry, while other means of advertising gave me enough customers for me to believe there definitely was a market for my product. The question remained, why was my web site performing so disaterously bad?

By a twist of fate a customer of mine (an employee of Vitalized Australia) took a quick look at my web site and confidently told me that he could turn my situation around in a heartbeat. In the month that followed I received twenty three bookings and July is the quietest month of my year. I wait in anticipation as the busy time of year approaches and sleep a lot easier knowing the web site is fast becoming a major source of income and exposure for my business.

It's reassuring to know my web site is working to its full potential instead of stressing me out. For me, the turn around was immediate and I'm at the top of the list in my field instead of being anchored to the bottom.

Five stars."

Mark Richardson, owner
Byron Bay Wildlife Tours 

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