Web Browser Testing

The problem with having so many web browsers out there is they all seem to display the content of internet pages differently.  Especially with more and more web sites being built in complex CSS and XHTML. Every version of Internet Explorer deals with CSS in different ways so it's very important web sites are tested in as many different versions of web browsers as possible.

Vitalized Australia offer a web browser testing service in multiple internet browsers and on multiple operating systems (OS). This has proved to be an extremely popular service for web designers who don't have the luxury of owning all the different types of computers and web browsers listed below.

All you need to do is send us two URL's (the web address of the site you want tested) which are usually the home page and a sub page. We then take screen shots of the two pages on different Operating Systems and web browsers. Around 60 screen shots are taken using the combination of web browsers and OS's which are sent to you as a ZIP file.

If there is a particularly complex part of the page you want testing (this is usually complex CSS and XHTML) then let us know how many times we need to press the "Page down" button on the keyboard.

Web Browsers & Operating Systems we use for testing

Operating Systems (OS)

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