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The web is always changing and web sites need to change with it.

Technologies and Search Engine algorithms (the way web sites are ranked in a Search Engines index) are changing all the time so web sites that haven't been updated for a while (in some cases years) are falling behind and losing potential business.

Vitalized Australia generally take two approaches to web site redesign projects.

1. Web Site Redesign by Demolition

As the title suggests we completely redesign your web site from the ground up.

This give the project plenty of scope to refocus your online strategy. With every new project we take on, be it a new web site, a web site redesign or a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign, Vitalized Australia always start with research, planning & consultation.

Vitalized Australia use the research to define every aspect of the redesigned web site.  We start by asking the simple question that often gets overlooked. What does your web site need to achieve?

It's amazing how many web developers don't ask this question and create a wizzy-web-site that looks great but ultimately doesn't fulfill the visitors needs so they go elsewhere to find a product or service.

Vitalized Australia can take on every aspect of the web site redesign including rewriting content to make sure it's aimed at:

2. Web Site Redesign by Remodel

This method of redesign is not as involved as demolishing a web site and building it again. The project still needs careful planning and research to refocus the web site and make sure the navigation, structure & content provide the best user experience. One of the areas companies should consider is how much of the existing look and framework they want to keep.  Often the text needs to be rewritten to draw in new web visitors and convert them to sales.

If the web site currently has a Content Management System (CMS) it can be cost effective to work within the framework of the current CMS.  Just changing text, navigation and Search Engine Optimising the HTML code can dramatically increase Search Engine ranking and visitor conversions.

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