Change the default browser from Safari to FireFox - Mac OSX

It's not an easy task to change the default browser in Mac OSX, well it's not a difficult process to change the default browser but it is hard to find the setting.

  1. First you need to and start the easy process of installing it.
  2. After you've installed FireFox you'll need to open Safari... Yes that's right, Safari!
  3. Click on the menu at the top of the screen that says "Safari" then click on the third option that says "preferences"
  4. From the window that appears click on the button that says "General"
  5. You'll see a drop down menu that's labeled Default Web Browser, it will read Safari, Internet Explorer or what ever your current default web browser is.
  6. Click on the drop down menu and select FireFox. You can now close the Safari preferences window and then quit Safari

Now you have successfully changed your default browser to FireFox, now when ever you click on a web link in an email or any other program that opens a web browser you'll be able to use your browser of choice.

I find FireFox a lot more stable than Safari on OSX. Safari also seems to have trouble with style sheets that web sites commonly use.

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