Change the default browser from Internet Explorer IE to FireFox - Windows XP, Vista

Changing the default internet browser in Windows XP & Vista is a simple process (Not something you hear often for Windows)

  1. First you need to and download it to your desktop.
  2. Now you just need to double click on the FireFox installer icon and follow the easy install process
  3. After the install open FireFox. You'll have an icon on the desktop or you can open FireFox from the start menu
  4. When FireFox first starts up it will ask you if you want FireFox to be the default internet browser... Just click YES!

Now you have successfully changed your default browser from Internet Explorer (IE) to FireFox. When you click on a web link in an email or any other program that opens a web browser FireFox will open. No more unsecure, buggy, unstable Internet Explorer!

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